Recurring NPCs

Billy - Owner of Billy's Pizza; Ricky's employer. Possibly related to Millie.
Bobby - Mohawked bad boy. First appearance: Episode 1
Bobby Nolan - Chrissy's boyfriend? First mentioned: Episode 1
Carl Donovan - Ricky's father. First appearance: Episode 1
Carol Mills - Comic book shop owner; Ellie's employer. First appearance: Episode
The Common
Debbie Jacobs - Chrissy's mother. First appearance: Episode 1
Deputy Rice - Frequently put-upon BCPD officer.
Doctor Stephen Lucas - Creator of The Dart, father of Bobby and Ketana.
Echo - Leanne's teleporting dog.
George Parker - Ellie's brother. First mentioned: Episode 1, First appearance: Episode
Hypnos - Ancient God and The Ferry Man’s brother.
James - Arcade employee with an ill sister. First appearance: Episode
Jamie Callihan - Top student in Mr. Baker's class. He had an altercation with Ricky. First mentioned: Episode 1
Johnny Five - Robot crewmember of the USS Phoenix.
Kirk - Ellie’s teleporting dog.
Kronch - Ethan’s sidekick/therapist from the video game world.
Man in the Suit - Member of The Common. First appearance: Episode 1
Martin Crowley - Local bully.
Meemaw - Leanne's grandmother. First appearance: Episode 1
Millie - Owner of Millie's Diner. Possibly related to Billy.
Mr. Barker - High school math teacher as well as head of detention. First appearance: Episode 1
Mrs. Baker
Peter Henderson - High school band leader. Asshole. First appearance: Episode 1
Professor Lucas - Stephen’s twin brother.
Regina Hamilton - Leanne's mother. First appearance: Episode 1
Space Wizard - Robot crewmember of the USS Phoenix.

Creatures, Monsters & Visions

Baba Yaga - The Ferry Man’s first wife and ancient witch.
Cale - Head Wolf Boi. Reoccurring vision. First appearance: Episode 1
Cinnamon Pete - Laconic talking unicorn. First appearance: Spring Special
Ferry Man - The villain of the story. First appearance:
Foreign Entity - Shape-shifting mud-rock creature. First appearance: Volume 3, Episode 2
Gender Fluid Singing Fruits and Vegetables - Talking foods. First appearance: Volume 4, Episode 1
Giant Replacement Baby - Reoccurring vision. First appearance: Episode 1
Glove Compartment Gnomes - Creatures with rainbow blood. First appearance: Volume 3, Episode 1
Raptors - First mentioned: Episode 1
Toothulu - Furry Crab-Dog thing. First appearance: Volume 4, Episode 6

Puzzle Boxes

Blue - Our world.
Black - The Chaos.
Green - The Common.
Red - Monsters.
Gold - Super powers.
Purple - The Ferry Man.
Peach - Body swapping.
Silver - Time/Alternate Realities
Clear - Invisibility
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