Spy Island

RPG System: Mafia/Werewolf/Secret Hitler homebrew
Brendan Milove as GM

0 - The Lion Nap (1) (2) August 26, 2020 Adriosa as Marco
Noxweiler Berf as Lance
Kailey Bray as Karrie
Lucas Eubank as Bob
Emily Jacobson as Lola
Malika Lim as Lara
Ethan Nestor as Lucas
Michelle Nguyen as Stanislov
1 - Prom Gone Wrong September 9, 2020 Matt Acevedo as Breeze
Lucas Eubank as Tad
Becky Feldman as Lynn
Omar Najam as Mac
Kelly Nugent as Pamela
Janel SantaCruz as Lindy
Dewie Sherwood as Will
Ptolemy Slocum as Roland
2 - The People’s Elbow September 16, 2020 David Butler as Albert
Andy Campbell as Bonesaw
Lucas Eubank as Sunbrite
Devon Kane as The Corner
Alyssa Onofreo as Abraham
Jesse Pacheco as Randy
Tanaya Rivers as Anna
Saige Ryan as Betsy
3 - Mount Rad Slopes (1) (2) September 23, 2020 Matt Acevedo as Winters
Neel Ghosh as Michel
Meridith McNeill as Carol Ann
Mika Midgett as Ryder
Katie Rich as Wendy
Ptolemy Slocum as Jerrick
4 - VillCon 2020 September 30, 2020 Andy Campbell as Kart
Lucas Eubank as Death
Ricky Mehigh as Jigsaw
Satine Phoenix as Wendy
Janel SantaCruz as Spooky Jill
Dewie Sherwood as Clayton
Jessica Lynn Verdi as Chucky
5 - Into the Sandler-Verse October 7, 2020 David Butler as Bobby
Jessica Clemons as Kevin
Lucas Eubank as Sadam
Becky Feldman as Love
Meridith McNeill as Lucy
Cameron Rice as Happy
Nick Scutti as Henry
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