Post Ghost

One house.
One ghost hunter.
Two hundred years.
Three ghosts.
Eight hundred and thirty-seven tragedies.
Endless terror.
One last chance.
Can our troubled ghosts scare the ghost hunter, remember their mysterious pasts, and finally pass on to the other side?
Find out… on Post Ghost.

Chloe Dykstra as Casper
Lucas Eubank as Camera Operator
Ricky Mehigh as PA/Ghoul
Brendan Milove as Oli
Kelly Nugent as Carmella Pace
Kyle Shire as Jeffrey Jackson
Brandon Winfrey as Clare Assisi

Matt Acevedo as Charon the Ferryman
Malika Lim as Ghoul
Noxweiler Berf as Demon

1 October 15, 2019
2 October 22, 2019
3 October 29, 2019
3.1 Post-Post Ghost
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