48 Hour HALO Charity Drive - Channel Launch February 26 - 28, 2016

For Science: rLoop Donation Drive May 5, 2016
Intro to the Day!
Painting the Future / rLoop Reddit AMA, Part 1
Painting the Future, Part 2
3D Printing with Intentional3D
Hyper Fluid, Part 1
rLoop Reddit AMA, Part 2
Hyper Fluid, Part 2
Hyper Fluid Winners? Part 3
Soylent Liquid Nitrogen Lunch Break with Joe
rLoop Reddit AMA, Part 3
Hyper Race
rLoop Reddit AMA, Part 4
Paranoia, Part 1
rLoop Reddit AMA, Part 5
Paranoia, Part 2
rLoop Reddit AMA, Part 6
James from Soylent!
Rad Power Bikes!
Trivia Hops
Diet Coke & Mentos VOLCANO!
Talking to rLoop Team

Necropolis Co-Op Death Jam July 9, 2016
Team Batman
Team Batman Interview
Team Wolfbrandt
Team Wolfbrandt Interview
Team Death Badgers
Team Death Badgers Interview
Team Thumper
Team Thumper Interview
Team Main Menu
Team Main Menu Interview
Awards Ceremony
Devs & Hosts finish the night!

Hyper Halloween Party! October 29, 2016
Film Festival, Part 1
Modern Tragedy: Director's Commentary
Pumpkin Carving
Film Festival, Part 2
Scary Games
Film Festival, Part 3
Road House (1989) Script Read
Film Festival, Part 4
Film Festival, Part 5
Just Dance

Ugly Sweater Party December 22, 2016
Games with Chat
Cookie Decoration Contest
Murder Mystery Party
White Elephant Party
Jingle All The Way (1996) Script Read

HALO Charity Stream April 7 - 9, 2017
Morning Update Kelly Lynne D'Angelo, Lucas Eubank, Zac Eubank and Erin Fitzgerald
Zac and Chris Introduce The HALO Foundation
Games w/ ShyGuyExpress & Friends Orion Acaba, Matt Acevedo, Chris Bramante, Nati Casanova, Akeem Lawanson, LeX, Michelle Nguyen and Yume Warlock
Chris Gets DUNKED!
Death From Above
Pencils & Parsecs: A Togorian Holiday Special!
OVA: The Anime RPG
Surf Ninjas (1993) Script Read
Everyone is John RPG
Kick Ass and Chew Peppers RPG
Ripley Improv Laurie Jones, Kelly Lohman, Sara Mountjoy-Pepka, Amanda Troop and Jessica Lynn Verdi
Secret Hitler / Malika Gets DUNKED! Kara Corvus, Eliot, Alison Haislip, Jason Inman, Emily Jacobson, The No.1 Alex, Ricky, Ashley V. Robinson, Milynn Sarley and Ryan Schapals / Malika Lim
Masters of the Metaverse
Krillin It Super: Fanfic Edition!
Blue Rose RPG
Saturday Night Improv Party
VR Co-Op
The Ruins of Sibhan RPG
Baseball with Hector & Keller Keller Knoblock and Hector Navarro
One Piece RPG
Random Affirmations

HyperDrive: Troll-A-Thon Birthday Celebration! May 13, 2017
Masters of the Metaverse
Ripley Improv Show (Wasteland) Laurie Jones, Kelly Lohman, Aliza Pearl, Amanda Troop and Jessica Lynn Verdi
The Roast of Zac Eubank
Improv Games
"Roast" of Matt
Batman (1966) Script Read Zac Eubank, Emma Fyffe, Elizabeth Hayhurst, Adam Hlavac, Knoblock, Hector Navarro and Cameron Rice
One Piece RPG

HyperDrive 2: Wonder Twins June 24, 2017
Oregon Trail RPG
All Outta Beanboozle Beans! Kate Elliott, Bert Jennings, Malika Lim, Adam Murray, Ryan Schapals and Jordan Pridgen
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999) Script Read Matt Acevedo, Emma Fyffe, Maude Garrett, Bert Jennings, Hector Navarro, Ryan Schapals and Abby Trott
Blank Marry Kill!
HyperSketch #1

HyperDrive 3 July 29, 2017
Party Games Matt Acevedo, Chris Bramante, Josh Jones
Roll for Shoes RPG Kate Elliott, Emily Jacobson, Wesley Marshall, Jordan Pridgen, Eric Reichert and Jessica Lynn Verdi
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?! RPG
Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG
Space Jam (1996) Script Read Matt Acevedo, Dani Fernandez, Michael Garcia, David Kantrowitz, Ben Mekler, Whitney Moore, Abby Trott, Jay Washington and Steve Zaragoza
Improvisation Comedy
Musical Interlude Nikki Muller
HyperSketch #2

HyperDrive 4: Space August 26, 2017
Space Twister Matt Acevedo, Kate Elliott, Zac Eubank, Marisol Ferra, Jessica Lynn Verdi
Rifts RPG
Spins / Pieing Zac
Space Team: The Improvised Generation
Spins / Pieing Matt
Guardians of the Galaxy RPG
Spin / CHARL-i Bot
Improv Hour
Space Jam (1996) Script Read: Part 2 Matt Acevedo, Dani Fernandez, Emma Fyffe, Adam Hlavac, David Kantrowitz, Michael Maxwell, Robin Reed and Jay Washington
Demon Hunters RPG
HyperSketch #3

HyperDrive 5: Heroes September 30, 2017
Pacific Rim RPG
Matt's Sub Sandwich
Super Mario Bros. RPG Kara Corvus, Emma Fyffe, Clare Grant, Janel SantaCruz and Hector Navarro
Spins / Cookie's Sub Sandwich
Department of Spin Mitch Gitelman, Kesan Holt, Tammy Nguyen, Chris Ode, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Ian Schempp and Matt Shimkus
Fantastic Four (1992) Script Read
Spins / Adam's Sub Sandwich
Oregon Trail RPG
Spins / Zac's Sub Sandwich
HyperSketch #4

HyperDrive 6: HyperWeen October 28, 2017
Cabin in the Woods RPG Matt Acevedo, Andy Campbell, Lucas Eubank, Kelly Nugent and Janel SantaCruz
Paranoia RPG Stella Chuu, Zac Eubank, Bert Jennings, Danielle Radford and Peter Sudarso
All Outta Bubblegum RPG
Nightmare on Elm Street RPG Matt Acevedo, Emma Fyffe, Markeia McCarty, Cameron Rice, Janel SantaCruz, Kelly Vrooman and Alex Walters
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? RPG Jim Stewart Allen, Sara Geiger, Sally Jordan, Laura QQ, Klayton Schauffler and Strix
HyperSketch #5

HyperDrive 7: Thumpsgiving November 18, 2017
The Andy Griffith RPG
DuckTales RPG Andy Campbell, Havana Mahoney, Michael Maxwell, Omar Najam, Kelly Nugent, Janel SantaCruz and Matt Acevedo
Naruto RPG
Hot Wet American Summer RPG

HyperDrive 8: Krampus December 16, 2017
Animorphs RPG
Doctor Who RPG
Building a Gingerbread House
Wet Hot American Winter RPG
Building a Gingerbread Cabin
Charles Dickens RPG
Building a Gingerbread Mansion
Ten Candles RPG Chunk, Cucumber, Ryan Schapals, Peter Sudarso and Zac Eubank
White Elephant Gift Exchange

HyperDrive 9 January 27, 2018
Fuck the Game
Harry Potter RPG Matt Acevedo, Chris Bramante, Kate Elliott, Erika Fermina, Alexandra Hensley, Naeem Stewart and Eric Reichert
Zac Eats Peppers
A Goofy Movie RPG
Cameron Eats Peppers
The Big Lebowski (1998) Script Read
Everyone Eats Peppers / CHARL-i Bot
Ten Candles Chunk, Cucumber, Meghan Camarena, Milynn Sarley and Zac Eubank
CHARL-i Bot / Dropmix Dance Party

HyperDrive 10: 2 Year Anniversary February 24, 2018
Dunk Tank!
The Venture Bros. RPG Andy Campbell, Zac Eubank, Keller Knoblock, Janel SantaCruz and Bert Jennings
Dunk Cookie
Paranoia RPG
Memory Lane with the Thumper Family!
Trivia Hops Lucas Eubank and Emma Fyffe vs. Cameron Rice and Markeia McCarty vs. Mitch Gitelman, Emily Gitelman and Mark Fehrenbacher
Hyper RPG Improv Matt Acevedo, Emma Fyffe, Markeia McCarty, Hector Navarro, Cameron Rice, Jessica Lynn Verdi, Alex Walters and Kyna Wise
Dunk Zac
Battle of the Rock Bands

HyperDrive 11: HyperMonsterDrive March 25, 2018
Outdoor Party Games, Part 1
WWE RPG Andy Campbell, Jesse Klein, Markeia McCarty, Janel SantaCruz, Jessica Lynn Verdi and Cameron Rice
Outdoor Party Games, Part 2
Pokemon Heist RPG Lucas Eubank, Malika Lim, Michelle Nguyen, Amir Rakib, Emily Rose and Matt Acevedo
Outdoor Party Games, Part 3
Power Rangers RPG Jason Bischoff, Melissa Flores, Mike Ginn, Malika Lim, Cameron Rice and Zac Eubank
Outdoor Party Games, Part 4
Hyper Improv
Trivia Hops Bert Jennings and Jessica Lynn Verdi vs. Criken and Miss Habit vs. Laura QQ and Ryan Schapals
Outdoor Party Games, Part 5

HyperDrive 12: Spring Cleaning April 29, 2018
Water Balloon Torture
Bloodcurdling Tales of Terror RPG Laurie Jones, Emily Rose, Amanda Troop, Jessica Lynn Verdi and Cameron Rice
Jeopardy 2099 RPG
Stupid Fun
Digimon RPG Matt Acevedo, Emma Fyffe, Lina Madrid, Omar Najam, Cristina Vee and Malika Lim
Uh Oh
Legend: Kill the Unicorn RPG

HyperDrive 13 May 27, 2018
Quadrohydro Blaster, Part 1
Untamed West RPG
Quadrohydro Blaster, Part 2
Goblin Quest RPG
Quadrohydro Blaster, Part 3
Jeopardy 2099 RPG
Quadrohydro Blaster, Part 4
Sentinel Comics RPG Anna Brisbin, Zac Eubank, Erika Fermina, Pamela Horton and Katie Wilson
Musical Improv

HyperDrive 14: Greatest Hits July 29, 2018
Hydro Blaster
Harry Potter RPG
Matt's Environmental Studies Album
Lucas' Classic Youtube Videos
Indiana Jones RPG
Sentinel Comics RPG: Villains
Malika's Ice Cream Club Movie
Night of 1000 Songs
10 Pies to Zac's Face

HyperDrive 15: Action August 26, 2018
Walker, Texas Ranger RPG Matt Acevedo, Emily Jacobson, Joseph Limbaugh, Hector Navarro and Alex Walters
Last Action Heroes RPG Andy Campbell, Eric Reichert, Cameron Rice, Janel SantaCruz and Jessica Lynn Verdi
Jane Bond RPG Lucas Eubank, Emma Fyffe, Xander Jeanneret, Riley Silverman and Cristina Vee
Mission Impossible 12 RPG Kara Corvus, Cucumber, Zac Eubank, Malika Lim and Andre Meadows
The Resistance Improv

HyperDrive 16: #SaveTheMusic September 29, 2018
Steven Universe RPG Matt Acevedo, Chris Bramante, Emma Fyffe, Emily Jacobson and Lina Madrid
Galavant RPG Chris Bramante, Lucas Eubank, Bonnie Gordon, Alexandra Hensley, Josh Jones and Omar Najam
Disney Villains RPG Matt Acevedo, Chris Bramante, Malika Lim, Daniel Mills and Cristina Vee
Ten Candles: Music is Hell RPG Chris Bramante, Chunk, Cucumber, Zac Eubank and Malika Lim
Night of 1000 Songs

HyperDrive 17: Pumpkin Spice October 31, 2018
Dread RPG Matt Acevedo, Lucas Eubank, Alexandra Hensley, Dave "Lasercorn" Moss and Kelly Nugent
Deadlands RPG Kailey Bray, Ladee Danger, Zac Eubank, Emily Jacobson and Alex Walters
He Left It Dead RPG Matt Acevedo, Zac Eubank, Emma Fyffe, Bert Jennings and Joe Starr
Clue IRL RPG Jessica Lynn Verdi, Matt Acevedo, Emma Fyffe, Cameron Rice, Janel SantaCruz, Riley Silverman, Joseph Limbaugh
Sub-a-thon November 21, 2018
HyperDrive 18 December 16, 2018
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