Welcome, Passengers, to the town of Kollok, Washington. Home to Synchroneity Tech, Shepard's Winery and Crater Lake. Just a small town like any other, except when it's not. Help uncover the mystery, join us in the journey, and pay close attention.

RPG System: Kids on Bikes (Renegade Games Studio)

Meghan Camarena as Skye Hawkins
Lucas Eubank as Billy Baker
Shelby Grace as Mikayla "Mickey" Jones
Andre Meadows as Marcus Bennett
Zac Eubank as GM

Matt Acevedo as Cooper Young
Reuben Bresler as Mearl Jenkins
Felicia Day as Jayna Grace
Jack Douglass as Baily Mickey
Kate Elliott as Clarity
HBomb94 as Terance Kingston
Emily Jacobson as Emerson Kelsey
Malika Lim as Angela Leung / Rachel Jewell / Spark
Mika Midgett as Em Pegg
Kelly Nugent as Chien-Shiung Wu
John Roiniotis as Dr. Wallis Ronnie
Peter Sudarso as Oscar Venkman
Brandon Win as Brian Thomas
Brandon Winfrey as Mike Hunt
Jonathan Wong as Tommy Leung / Linny Jewell
Ai Yoshihara as Sayaka

Also Featuring
Character Art by Monica MagaƱa
Music by Alex Niedt
Special Appearance by Ray Wise

Kollok Citizens

1 March 4, 2019 "The Siren, clothed in barbs"
2 March 11, 2019 "The Egg"
3 March 18, 2019 "Then there appears a singular being …"
4 March 25, 2019 "A Madman In A Dismal Landscape"
5 April 1, 2019 "At The Entrance Of The Walks"
6 April 8, 2019 "Germination"
7 April 15, 2019 "Why should there not exist"
8 April 22, 2019 "The Council"
9 April 29, 2019 "Centaur Aiming At The Clouds"
10 May 6, 2019 "The Marsh Flower"
11 May 13, 2019 "Spirit Of The Forest"
12 May 20, 2019 "Woman with Outstretched Arm"
13 May 27, 2019 "Set Fire To The Flames"
14 June 3, 2019 "Combat Of Horsemen"
15 June 10, 2019 "Before The Black Sun Of Melancholy"
16 June 17, 2019 "When Life Was Awakening"
17 June 24, 2019 ""
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