Street Art Exhibit and Walk Through LA's Chinatown June 22, 2018
LA Zoo and Griffith Park June 29, 2018 Lucas Eubank, Zac Eubank, Malika Lim and Jessica Merizan
Anime Expo (1)(2) July 6, 2018 Matt Acevedo, Zac Eubank and Malika Lim
Smorgasburg LA July 8, 2018 Zac Eubank, Malika Lim and Markeia McCarty
Octopath Traveler Launch Party July 12, 2018 Zac Eubank and Malika Lim with Matt Acevedo, Emma Fyffe, Andre Meadows and Michelle Nguyen
Warhammer Citadel Grand Opening August 25, 2018 Bert Jennings, Scott Rubin and Naeem Stewart
2 Bit Circus September 19, 2018 Matt Acevedo, Lucas Eubank, Zac Eubank, Malika Lim and Naeem Stewart with Meghan Camarena, Jonny Cruz, Markeia McCarty and Cristina Vee
Bike Ride to the Pacific Ocean November 24, 2018 Zac Eubank and Malika Lim
GenCon 2019 Thumper Meetup August 4, 2019
Zac and Malika in San Diego Day 1 September 24, 2019 Zac Eubank and Malika Lim
Zac and Malika in San Diego Day 2 September 25, 2019 Zac Eubank and Malika Lim
Zac and Malika in San Diego Day 3 September 26, 2019 Zac Eubank and Malika Lim
Marvel Tour with Zac and Hector in NYC October 6, 2019 Zac Eubank and Hector Navarro
Halloween Filming Locations Tour w/ Adam October 25, 2019 Adam Hlavac

Comics & Coffee

Downtown Comics August 1, 2018 Matt Acevedo and Zac Eubank
A Shop Called Quest August 15, 2018 Meghan Camarena, Zac Eubank and Malika Lim
Blastoff Comics August 22, 2018 Karan Ashley, Zac Eubank and Malika Lim
Emerald Knights (1)(2) September 12, 2018 Zac Eubank, Adam Hlavac and Malika Lim
House of Secrets September 19, 2018 Marc Andreyko, Zac Eubank and Naeem Stewart
Earth-2 Comics September 26, 2018 Zac Eubank and Ashley V. Robinson

Malika & Zac Are Touring Thailand!

Day 1 Morning | Bangkok Temples, Rivers & Food!
Evening | Dinner in Bangkok
Day 2 Morning | Sunrise in Bangkok
Afternoon and Evening | Food, Transit, and Cooking Class in Bangkok
Day 3 Morning | Coffee Class and Just Dance!
Afternoon | Fancy Mall & Trip to Famous Thai Restaurant!
Day 4 Afternoon | Tour of Bangkok: Boat Ride, Floating Market, and Fish Pedicure
Evening | Tour of Bangkok: Night Market
Day 5 Evening | Welcome to Chiang Mai

SDCC 2018

July 18, 2018 Check-in, Dragon Ball NA Tour, Future Tech Live
Preview Night Show Floor, Capcom Booth, Funimation Party
Funimation Party, Bayfront Walk
July 19, 2018 Romper Reveal
Deadpool's Apartment, Skybound Lounge
July 20, 2018 Cloak and Dagger Activation, Ghostbusters Game, Wired Cafe
Artists' Alley
A Gift for Lucas
Jack Ryan Activation
Mr. Mercedes Activation
Razer Experience Tour
Dinner with the HyperCrew
The Eisner Awards
July 21, 2018 Power Rangers HyperForce signing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Scavenger Hunt

Gen Con 2018

August 1, 2018 Floor Preview, Comics, and Games!
August 2, 2018 Meeting Thumpers, Playing Flicked and Furious, Walking the Floor
Walking the Floor
Pokemon GO Thumper Meet-Up
August 3, 2018 Walking the Floor with Michelle and Mitch, RPG library, Hail Hydra
(Alexandria RPG Library)
August 4, 2018 True Dungeon Tour, Walking the Floor with Mitch, Thumper Meet-Up, Werewolf
August 5, 2018 Pocket Ops, Happy Little Accidents, Snow White Gemstone Mining and More
Gen Con Haul

Nerding Out and About in Vancouver

September 1, 2018 Arrival and bike ride to AirBnB
Walking around Vancouver, Tim Horton's, The Flying Pig
Filming a Spy Movie (an AirBnB experience)
Dinner at Bao Bei, Dessert at Crackle Creme
September 2, 2018 Stanley Park Seawall Biking
Lunch and Impromptu Honesty Hour at The Teahouse
More Seawall Biking, Stop a Bike Shop, Return to AirBnB
Trip to Granville Island, Public Market, Walking to Dinner
Soup Dumpling Dinner at Dinesty
September 3, 2018 South Seawall Biking
Museum of Anthropology
Biking to new AirBnB
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