He Left It Dead

RPG System: Call of Cthulhu - 7th Edition (Chaosium)
Joe Starr as GM

Volume 1

Mystery is afoot in Victorian London when a number of children begin disappearing.
With the Metropolitan Police seemingly uninterested, The British Society of Anglican
recruit a group of strangers to investigate the troubling events. Follow their
foray into the supernatural and keep hold of your sanity.

Matt Acevedo as James Cullen
Kym Canon as Apollonia Wayworth
Zac Eubank as Peter Strumpf
Emma Fyffe as Lorna MacAllistair
Bert Jennings as Mathias Darrington

1 October 17, 2018
2 October 24, 2018
3 October 31, 2018
4 November 7, 2018
5 November 14, 2018

Volume 2

In the Roaring 20's, deep within the prohibition era, four strangers find themselves
involved with the mob. The supply of moonshine never made it, mobsters are missing,
and so our unsuspecting heroes are dispatched on an adventure of mystical proportions
into the Kentucky backwoods. Can an old war hero, an injured private eye, an innocent
dancer, a half-crazed inventor, and a mysterious woman with a secretive past make it
through this madness unscathed?

Matt Acevedo as Gordy Fitzgerald
Kym Canon as Apollonia Wayworth
Zac Eubank as JJ Theakston
Emma Fyffe as Florence Abernathy
Bert Jennings as Bernard Benson

6 November 28, 2018
7 December 5, 2018
8 January 16, 2019
9 January 23, 2019
10 January 30, 2019
11 February 6, 2019

12 March 12, 2019
13 2019
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