He Left It Dead

Mystery is afoot in Victorian London when a number of children begin disappearing.
With the Metropolitan Police seemingly uninterested, The British Society of Anglican
recruit a group of strangers to investigate the troubling events. Follow their
foray into the supernatural and keep hold of your sanity, as we welcome you to …
He Left It Dead!

Volume 1

Matt Acevedo as James Cullen
Kym Canon as Apollonia Wayworth
Zac Eubank as Peter Strumpf
Emma Fyffe as Lorna MacAllistair
Bert Jennings as Mathias Darrington
Joe Starr as GM

1 October 17, 2018
2 October 24, 2018
3 October 31, 2018
4 November 7, 2018
5 November 14, 2018

Volume 2

Matt Acevedo as Gordy Fitzgerald
Kym Canon as Apollonia Wayworth
Zac Eubank as JJ Theakston
Emma Fyffe as Florence Abernathy
Bert Jennings as Bernard Benson
Joe Starr as GM

1 November 28, 2018
2 December 5, 2018
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