Grim Dark Dawn

This is not a new story. This is merely another chapter of an endless strife.
A tale of blood that’s been spilling for millennia. In a fringe galactic arm, centuries
long WARP STORMS cease, making its resource rich planets traversable
again—and ripe for conquest.

The Imperium of Man launch a crusade to reclaim old human colonies
established before the storms began. The Ruinous Powers, knowing of the
weakened warp, flood the quadrant seeking to plague every corner with Chaos.
The T’au and Aeldari form a temporary Alliance to rid the Imperium
and Ruinous Powers from the untainted galaxy. And the Orks drawn to
the smell of blood and riches, seek glory through the crucible of battle.

This is not a new story. But it is our story. Welcome to the Grim Dark Dawn.

System: Warhammer 40,000 - 8th Edition (Games Workshop)

Season 1

Matt Acevedo as Lucian and Xanathark
Adriosa as Lockharte
Bert Jennings as Bonding Spirit
Malika Lim as Ishana and Idrana
Fabienne Miskelly as Dinara Sage
Naeem Stewart as Voldencore
Jonathan Wong as Kaptain Dakka Boom and Tallnek
Brandon Winfrey and Scott Rubin as GM

1 March 7, 2019 "Beginnings Bring Ends"
2 March 14, 2019 "The Bloody Dirge"
3 March 21, 2019 "The Wolf and the Warp"
4 March 28, 2019 "Tortured Souls"
5 April 4, 2019 "First Contact. Last Contact"
6 April 11, 2019 "Bathed in Blood"
7 April 18, 2019 "Heresy on High"
8 April 25, 2019 "The Great Ork Hunt"
9 May 2, 2019 "The Art of Betrayal"
10 May 9, 2019 "The Wolf and the Warboss"
11 May 16, 2019 "Summon the Chaos"
12 May 23, 2019 "Pit Against"
13 May 30, 2019 "Death March part 1"
14 June 6, 2019 "Death March part 2"

Kill Team

15 June 13, 2019 Tyranids vs. Space Marines
16 June 20, 2019 Necrons vs. Templars

2018 Road to 40K

Journey to 40k: Eldar vs. Space Wolves! June 28, 2018
Journey to 40k: Harlequins vs. Space Wolves July 5, 2018
Journey to 40k: T'au vs. Death Guard vs. Eldar vs. Space Wolves July 12, 2018
Journey to 40k: Tyranids vs. Emperor's Children July 26, 2018
Journey to 40k: Necrons vs. T'au August 2, 2018
Journey to 40k: Death Guard vs. Space Wolves August 9, 2018
Journey to 40k: Emperor's Children vs. Eldar & Harlequins August 16, 2018
Journey to 40k: Death Guard vs. Eldar & T'au August 23, 2018
Killteam: Noise Marines vs. Imperial Guard September 13, 2018
Killteam Finale December 13, 2018
Apocalypse part 2 January 10, 2019
Warhammer 40K playtest/rehearsal 1 January 24, 2019
Warhammer 40K playtest/rehearsal 2: Tau vs. Astra February 7, 2019
Warhammer 40K playtest/rehearsal 3: Space Wolves vs. Orkz February 14, 2019
Warhammer 40K playtest/rehearsal 4: Death Guard vs. Astra February 21, 2019
Warhammer 40K playtest/rehearsal 5: Tau vs. Eldar vs. Orkz February 28, 2019
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