Bloodcurdling Tales of Terror

Cameron Rice as GM
The Giant Replacement Baby as Himself

Season 1

1 November 30, 2017 "The Betrayal at the House on the Hill" Kate Elliott as Amelia Smith, Emma Fyffe as Jane Clark Dixon, Jesse Klein as Belma Rogers, Scott Rubin as Theodore "Teddy" Jones and Clarke Wolfe as Mark Deggart
2 December 7, 2017 "The Sorority of the Dead" Kara Corvus, Kate Elliott, Kelly Nugent, Scott Rubin and Kelly Vrooman as Penelope
3 December 14, 2017 "Rock with the Devil" Kate Elliott, Jesse Klein, Markeia McCarty and Kate Molinaro
4 December 21, 2017 "Ice Virus" Kate Elliott as SEAC, Emma Fyffe as Dr. Joana Holbrooke, Scott Rubin as Kyle Stevenson and Janel SantaCruz as Anna Morrison

Season 2

5 February 2, 2018 "Blood Hospital" Kate Elliott, Jesse Klein, Scott Rubin, Janel SantaCruz and Jessica Lynn Verdi
6 February 9, 2018 "Flight From Hell" Matt Acevedo as Clint Palmer, Kate Elliott as Cindy Attwater, Scott Rubin as Tom Casskill, Jr. and Kyna Wise as Carrie Nelson
7 February 16, 2018 "The Toy Maker" Kelly Lynne D'Angelo as Walla Wonderworks, Kate Elliott as Jessica Sanders, Havana Mahoney as Beroca Pepper and Scott Rubin as Bill Breskey
8 February 23, 2018 "The Witch Hunt" Kate Elliott as Agnes Rosebud, Emma Fyffe as Margaret Smith, Elizabeth Hayhurst as Mary Thomas, Whitney Moore as Mercy Gingham and Scott Rubin as Dr. Hamish Carter

Season 3

9 March 7, 2018 "Camp Death" Kate Elliott as Melanie English, Emma Fyffe as Brenda Woodhouse, Jessica Lynn Verdi as Georgina Glassman and Kelly Vrooman as Debby Picken
10 March 14, 2018 "Meat Factory" Matt Acevedo, Kate Elliott, Michelle Nguyen as Myrtle and Ify Nwadiwe as Ben Smith
11 March 21, 2018 "The Banshee" Catherine Durickas as Jenny, Kate Elliott, Kelly Nugent as Norma Plonk and Kyna Wise
12 March 28, 2018 "Blood on the Dance Floor" Goldie Chan, Jillian Dunn, Kate Elliott and Scott Rubin
13 April 4, 2018 "One Flew Over the Death Nest" Kate Elliott as Paige, Markeia McCarty, Kate Molinaro and Scott Rubin
14 April 11, 2018 "The Body in the Back" Kate Elliott, Scott Rubin, Jessica Lynn Verdi and Kyna Wise
15 April 18, 2018 "The Security Guard" Kate Elliott, Lucas Eubank, Elyssa Phillips and Scott Rubin
16 April 25, 2018 "To Grandmother's House We Go" Andy Campbell, Kate Elliott, Scott Rubin and Janel SantaCruz
17 April 29, 2018 "Theater Camp Massacre" Emily Jacobson as Lisa, Laurie Jones as Diane Smith, Amanda Troop as Gertrude and Jessica Lynn Verdi as Brianna Goldstein
18 May 2, 2018 "The Shhhh Place" Kate Elliott, Emma Fyffe, Elizabeth Hayhurst and Scott Rubin
19 May 9, 2018 "The Hazing" Jillian Dunn, Kate Elliott, Scott Rubin and Kyna Wise
20 May 16, 2018 "Carn Evil" Matt Acevedo, Laurie Jones, Scott Rubin and Jessica Lynn Verdi
21 May 23, 2018 "Creature from the Party Lagoon" Kate Elliott, Emily Jacobson, Malika Lim and Scott Rubin
22 May 30, 2018 "The Boogeyman's Lair" Kate Elliott, Jesse Klein and Janel SantaCruz
23 June 6, 2018 "Witch Hunt" Matt Acevedo, Frankie G., Markeia McCarty and Jessica Lynn Verdi
24 June 13, 2018 "WWE, Part II" Kate Elliott as Rainy Days, Scott Rubin, Janel SantaCruz and Jessica Lynn Verdi as Mary Choppins
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